8 Important Things in Designing Your Blog/ Website

Hey all… Today, I would like to show you about “8 Important Things in Designing Your Blog/ Website”. Maybe, some of us like to design our blog to make it become more interesting. We like to add something such as gadget/widget, appearance, background, templates, etc. to make our blog preview is good. But, there are several things that oppositely make your blog looks bad by the visitors. So, remember 8 things below. Here they are:

Important Thing in Designing Blog/ Website

1. Don’t Use Splash Page/ Welcome Page
Maybe you’ve ever opened a blog/website, but in a first page there is a welcome page which is usually ask you to “CLICK HERE TO ENTER”, etc. In fact, this page just be viewed without any usefull function. Don’t let your visitors have a reason to click “Back” button and leave your blog before know what is your blog’s content. Let them know directly and easily what you will share in your blog WITHOUT annoying welcome page.

2. Don’t Show too Many Advertisement Banner
What do you feel if you visit a blog/website which has a lot of advertisment there? Moving picture, moving text, full-colour…??? Of course, you will feel disturbed, right? Actually, an advertisement banner which is placed in a right place and right number will make the visitors are excited to click them. But, oppositely, too many banners will cause them ignore ALL of your advertisements. Its better if you show an advertisement which is RELEVANT with your blog/website.

3. Use a Clear and Simple Navigation Menu
You need to provide navigation menu to direct the visitors to everywhere in your blog you want. But, use the simple design. By this way, your blog visitors will stay longer in your blog to read your articles continuously. Don’t use a navigaton menu which use difficult Flash or multi drop-down menu, because if the visitors confuse with it, quickly they will leave your blog/website.

4. Have a Clear Indication about Where the User is.
When the visitors is walking on your blog, of course you want to make them know truly about the part of website/blog where they are. By this way, they will easy to access relevant informations/articles. Don’t make the visitors confuse when they are in your blog.

5. Don’t Use any Voice/Backsound in your Blog/Website
If the visitors want to stay longer in your blog to read more of your contents, make sure they wont be disturbed by replaying music/backsound in their headphone or speaker. Beside that, backsound will make your blog/website loading become slower. If you still want to add backsound, give the volume control so that the visitors can adjust it when they start to feel disturbed.

6. Don’t Use too Many Widget/ Gadget and Flash Content
If you are included in a blogger who like to decorate your blog appearance, just use the usefull widget that is really needed by the visitors. (Like this blog, there is a Google Translator Widget to translate all of this blog content by the visitors). Caution, each widget or gadget you have added into your blog, will increase the time to load your page. It means, too many widget/gadget will spend more time for the visitors to open your blog/website page. So, just use a simple and usefull widget.

7. Don’t Use Widget to Detect Users IP
Adding IP Detector in your Blog/Website will make the visitors feel not safe and disturb their privacy. It wont make your blog/website become more cool and trendy, but it will make your visitors leave your page fastly and increase the time to page loading. Its better for you to apply this kind of wifget if your blog/website handles a lot of client.

8. Use Good and Simple Colour
Wanna make your visitors enjoy reading your articles…??? And wanna make them back again to visit your blog for many times…??? The answer is: use a good appearance! Colour is main thing and the most important factor that will make your blog/website looks cool, good and comfortable. Don’t let the visitors think that your blog/website looks like a destroyed ship, or chicken cage. Oh, No…!!! Now, lets use a simple colour blend. Beside that, also use simple template, text, etc. to make your visitor’s eye doesn’t confuse.
Remember, its better to not using black background or the other dark colour. Dark background will make the visitors don’t enjoy your blog/website. But, use a light colour (suggested: white) and normal text (black), and the colour for title/header can be your favorite colour.
For example, this blog’s background colour is light-green, and the text background is white.
Do you enjoy it…??? :D

Okay..!!! Finally, you have the points. Follow that tips and make your blog/website more interesting.
Try it right now, and see you all on my next post. ^^


(c) Written by: Nanda Firsta

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