How to Prevent the KEYLOGGER

Nowadays, everyone has a Facebook account, right? But, the one thing that threats us is THE HACKER. The Facebook Hacker can steale our password and take over our account by using KEYLOGGER software. Wow, it’s very dangerous… But, here I have some tips How to Prevent the KEYLOGGER which is usually used by The Hacker. Check this out…!!!


Some of Hacker use KEYLOGGER software that can reveal your password and all of the data you have typed on. Keylogger function is to record all your keyboard activity. If you want to avoid the dangerous of keylogger, just try my tips below…

1. Never use the default keyboard computer unless when you type your password.
Use the on-screen keyboard. This program is the default Windows program. You can find this on Start--> All Programs--> Accessories--> Accesibility--> On-Screen Keyboard.

This is the preview of on-screen keyboard:


2. Use the special characters for your password, such as: !@#$%^;*(), etc… Keylogger can’t trace some of these characters. Also for more security, use the combination of capital letter, normal letter, number, etc…

3. Don’t often log in to your Facebook account in Internet CafĂ© or other computer which is often used by many people.

Well, those are about my tips. Hopefully, you can be prevented from Hacker. If you have some better suggestion, please submit a comment below. Thanks.. :)


(c) Written by: Nanda Firsta

Source: Own Experience

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