How to Protect your Flashdisk from AUTORUN.INF Virus

Hello, your flashdisk is threated by "autorun.inf"...??? Dont worry! We can protect it stronger to fight against this virus.
Wanna know more? Check this out!

Protect Flashdisk from AUTORUN.INF Virus

First, click Start--> Run--> type: cmd (Command Prompt)

Wait until Command Prompt box is appeared.

Type: mkdir G:\autorun.inf

Then, Type: mkdir \\.\\G:\autorun.inf\con

And then, Type again: mkdir \\.\\G:\autorun.inf\con\aux

Finally, type: mkdir \\.\\G:\autorun.inf\con\aux\nul

Tadaa...!!! Now, your flashdisk is safe from autorun.inf!!!

A new viruses will try to create an autorun.inf on the root of the pendisk, but if available another folder with the same name, it will be impossible for the virus to destruct our PC/Flashdisk. Some virus might try to delete this folder, but since we create new subfolder con, aux, and nul - it will be somewhat safer.
Try it now! :)

And... "NOW I KNOW...!!!"

(c) Written by: Nanda Firsta
Source: Own Experience

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