Change your Mozilla Firefox Theme

Hey, guys! Boring with your Mozilla Firefox's Theme..??? Just take it easy!
Now, I wanna share to you "How to Change Mozilla Firefox Theme".
Just follow these easy steps below... :)

Change Mozilla Firefox Theme

1. First, Open your Firefox Browser.

3. On the left menu, select "Themes".

Change Mozilla Firefox Theme

4. As you can see, you are given many different options as to what to do. You can select one of the following:
1. All Themes
2. Animals
3. Compact
4. Large
5. Miscellaneous
6. Modern
7. Nature
8. OS Integration
9. Retro
10. Sports

5. Choose your skin. Make sure it is compatiable with your operating system and/or version of Firefox. Download it! It may take a few seconds to complete.

6. Then, Click on the "Tools" menu at the top of your Firefox browser. Select "Add-ons".
7. While in the "Add-ons" section, choose "Themes". Find your theme (skin) and choose "Use Theme".

8. Restart your Firefox....

TADAAAA......!!!!! Your Mozilla Firefox face has been changed...!!! Try it now, :)

AND...NOW, I KNOW...!!!

(c) Written by: Nanda Firsta
Source: Own Experience

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