How to Make an Interesting Blog Article?

Are you interested in blogging…??? Wanna know how to make your blog article always interesting for everyone…?? Check these tips first:

Make Interesting Blog Article

The biggest problem for bloggers, especially for the beginners is “How to Make Our Blog still ‘life’ by making good article or posts?”. Now, let’s think, what is our purpose making a blog. Yeah, of course to be visited by many people and read our article or posts.

First thing that you should do is “Make Your Blog Theme”. What is the contents of your blog later? Is it about your personality? Is it about tips? News? Or the other kind of posts, you should make sure it first. Because, it will be a base and start line when you build your blog.
The best choice is by choosing the type of article/posts that mostly are searched by the visitors in Google or the other Search Engine, but you still have a little competitor from other blog. OK? Now, we’ve catch the starting.

Here, I have 3 main things that you should mention in order to make your blog become interesting. Here they are:


When you make an article, try to place the visitors in ‘zero’ place. It means, never use too many difficult words or strange languange that makes the readers become confuse and fastly will leave your confusing article. So, make the simple sentence, but can be understood by everyone. To help us, we can use Wikipedia to translate some of our words, so your purpose to share your knowledge or info to the other will be easy. For example, you want to make a funny article. Make sure that after the readers have read all of your content, they can know “what is funny” of your article. If you talk about your life experience, try to make the readers can imagine the reality. So, ask them to enter your life.


As a media, the honestly and the truth of our article will make visitors opinion about ourself. Are we honest or not. Honest here means that your article is absolutely written by yourself (such as this article, this is made by myself). Never copy and paste other blog article WITHOUT giving the source link in the bottom of your post, or you will be titled “THE ARTICLE’S THIEF”…!!! Remember, that blogging is about writing activity. So, if you don’t like writing, leave your dream to make an intersesting blog.


Your blog should be developted in a line with visitors increasing number. If the visitors who ever seen your blog and then visit it again but no new article, usually they wont visit your blog again, FOREVER. So, it’s very important to always update your article, however it is just one or two post’s, at least there is something new in your blog page. As a good blogger, better you update your article everyday, or if you cant, try to make it once a week. So, be a diligent blogger right now…

Finally, that’s all that I can give to you all, see you on my next article about internet tips. And remember, where there is a will, there are many way…^^


(c) Written by: Nanda Firsta

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