Qwerty VS. Touchscreen Handphone. Which One Do You Choose...???

Hello all readers, now I will share to you all about the tips to choose between Qwerty and Touchscreen Handphone based on our necessity. Actually, each type has it own purpose. Because of that, let’s know which is suitable type for you. Check this out…!!!

Qwerty VS Touchscreen Handphone

In fact, each handphone design is made seriously for the users satisfication. Now, in the beginning, let’s say that “No Handphone that Bad”. OK, well… every big vendor like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, etc. has made many new design and type, however some of them maybe plagiarize the other available design. The difference is just “do we enjoy in using it?”.

Well, it’s about ourself appetite. If you wanna buy new handphone and you still confuse in choosing between Qwerty or Touchscreen, follow my tips below:

Qwerty VS Touchscreen Handphone


  1. Mostly, handphone is used to write, such as typing messages, typing facebook status, comment, etc. Qwerty handphone will be more suitable when you like to do this kind of function. Is the Touchscreen one not suitable for this…?? Actually, it’s not too. But, the Qwerty one can give you more pleasant in typing, accuration, and better speed.
  1. If you often type with both of your thumbs. It means, you are not too often use your handphone in riding, or by doing the other activity. The Qwerty andphone should not be used by one hand. By two hands, of course the speed will be more faster. I mean here, I don’t suggest you to use your handphone in riding. It’s not. But, remember one thing! That in emergency situation, Qwerty Handphone can make you feel difficult to use it.
  1. You have a big finger size. If you use the Qwerty one, it will be better than you use the touchscreen, because, using touchscreen will make more difficult situation by it’s virtual keyboard, and cause you do many wrong in pushing the buttons also use T9 which is unwished.
  2. Do you often use the computer keyboard…??? Of course, using the Qwerty Handphone will be easier for you and be the best solution, because the keyboard position is same with computer. And, your speed in typing will be faster too.

Qwerty VS Touchscreen Handphone


  1. You like to use your handphone for telephone. So, you don’t need handphone which has good keyboard physic. And, you don’t like to use for messaging, facebook, etc.
  2. Are you internet mania…??? Use touchscreen one! Because, the Touchscreen Handphone is better for browsing, file document, picture, video, etc. By touchscreen, you can scroll the web-page or zoom it easier than using the trackball or naviation keys. One thing that maybe make you difficult is just when you input the text. The lkimited screen should divideo between the display and your virtual keyboard.
  3. If you don’t have any problem with stylus. It means, you never use the tooth-pick to operate your handphone. J. Also, you easy to reply your girlfriend’s message, because some of touchscreen handphone use the sensor which is not ready for your finger, but you should use the stylus. More over, if the screen is small…
  4. Finally, if you are a gamer, use touchsecreen one! By using this type, you will easier and enjoy to play your game. Because, some of the Touchscreen Handphone offer many interesting games. Actually, the Qwerty Handphone is designed for them who are more serios, but the Touchscreen one is for them who like to use their handphone for multimedia or game.

Well, finally you can know which type is suitable for. Remember guys, that the function of your handphone is the most important thing that will make you enjoy to use it. So, the final choice is in your hand. :)


(c) Written by: Nanda Firsta

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