Having Fun with "Magic Mirror" Software

Let's having fun again...!!! Here, I have found a funny software from 4shared.com. This software is called Magic Mirror. As it's name, by this one, you can look your owself on your computer by web-came (like when you look at the mirror), and you'll see your face magically become very funny. Wanna know more? Check this out...!!!
funny software

Magic Mirror is a software to make the looking of your face in web-cam become very funny. This software is almost same with "Face Warp". Modifying a face become funny face.

More over, this software is PORTABLE...!!! So, you don't need to install it oftenly. You can having fun everywhere, everytime, with everyone.. :DD

Well, let's download "Magic Mirror" now. Click the link below:

funny software

To use this software is very simple. Just open your face picture (photo), then click your cursor in a part of your face (such as: eyes, nose, mouth, chick, etc...).
Then, you just need to set the distorsion effect in left side. You can set the destruction quality (haha..) of your photo by pulling up or down the navigation bar.

If you have done with it, click apply. Or, click reset if you want to start again.

Look at my sample below:


funny software


funny software

Haha, It's funny, right? Let's having fun...!!! ^^

AND...NOW, I KNOW...!!!

(c) Written by: Nanda Firsta
Source: Own Experience and supported from 4shared.com

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  1. Let's try this one, I am laughing when operating this funny software.. XDD


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