List-O-Matic: Make your Free Own Menu Bar on Blog

Hi, in this post today, I'd like to show you all who want to know "How to Make Menu Bar on your Blog". Of course, by adding menu bar, your blog's visitors will be easily to access and explore on your blog with some good direction. Beside that, it will make your blog looks professional too. Okay, now let's start making that...

Here, I will explain about making menu bar (Horizontal) with List-O-Matic. The result will looks like on my blog (you can see my menu bar above). It's simple, right? Okay, here we go...

1. Firstly, visit the List-O-Matic website. Click HERE.
2. And then, you'll see the following appearance:

Now, it's time to act:

a. On Link Text, type the text on menu bar which will show what button it is. You can fill it such as: HOME, CONTACT, ARTICLE, PROFILE, and many more.

b. On Address/ URL, type the address of your previous link. So, if the visitor click the Link Text, they will be brought to it's address.

c. On Title attr (optional), just fill with some interesting/ descriptive short text. This text will appear when the mouse-cursor is on your Link Text. For example, your Link Text (menu) is CONTACT. So, you can describe it with maybe: "Let's contact my Facebook/ Twitter account", or "Contact me for more information), etc...

3. Then, if you want to add some sub-level navigation (dropdown menu), just give check on This link contains sub-level navigation (optional). Then, type your Link Text, Address/ URl and Title attr like the previous explanation.

4. After that, click on I'm done. Show me the styles.

5. There you will see 2 kinds of menu bar, it is horizontal and vertical menu. You also can choose your favorite style and colour which is match with your blog design.

6. Next, click Show me the markup--> to show your menu bar code. Copy and paste the HTML code on your blog. Follow this steps:

a. Open your blogger dashboard, then click on design.
b. Choose Add a Gadget, choose HTML/ Java Script.
c. Then, paste the menu bar code there, click Save.
d. Move/ Put it in a place you want. I recommend you to put it right under your blog banner/ title (on the top of your blog's page).
e. Click Save.

7. Done. Now, you've got your own nice menu bar.

Let's try... ^^

P.S: When you want to add a new menu, you can modify your HTML/ Java Script on your blog Gadget. Just copy and paste the previous row script, then change the Link Text and the Address/ URL. It's very easy... :)

AND...NOW, I KNOW...!!!

(c) Written by: Nanda Firsta


  1. thanks, but I will work on this when have some time at hand.

  2. @Nava: okay, good luck for you.. ^^

  3. Hi I need a favour from you, how to create the like page on fb, appreciate it very much, thanks.

  4. @Nava: oo.. did you mean "Fans Page"? Check this:

    and just follow the next instruction. thanks.. ^^

  5. this is it that ive been looking for...im gonna try...thanks alot...


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