User Agent Switcher: Browsing WAP Site by your Firefox...!!!

Whoa! Amazing! Now, you can browse WAP site right on your PC...!!! Wanna know more? Here we go...

If you use Mozilla Firefox which can give you a lot of meaningful facilities in add on, try this usefull trick!

Now I try the funniest add on in Firefox. Yes it's User Agent Switcher. Well, how does it work? And what's it function?

Okay, now see this. Have you ever opened a WAP site on your handphone? Usually you do it to download themes, games, wallpaper, songs, etc. Now, the question is: How if your pulse is empty? Of course, you can't access the WAP site anymore, right?

But, don't worry. It's fully will be solved if you use Mozilla Firefox. I'll give you an example. Now, try to open WAP site by your computer. Example, click www.waptrick.com on your browser right now. Do you can open it? Of course NOT because you have to visit it by your handphone.

Now, I have a trick to enable it. You can use an User Agent Switcher on Firefox add on. Click the link.
After that, click on "Add to Firefox" button.


Then, it will be downloaded and added by your Firefox automatically.

Then, how to use it? It's simple.
Go to Tools --> Default User Agent --> iPhone 3.0


And now try to open www.waptrick.com again.
Whoa! It's fully open! And you can use this to another web page such us Facebook. By using this add on Facebook's homepage will be a hundred percent same as you open on cellphone.

And it will be normal again. Let's try it right now! ^^

AND...NOW, I KNOW...!!!

(c) Written by: Nanda Firsta
Source: Own Experience


  1. great. now, i've found the way. =)

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  3. @Matnagger: thank you so much... ^^

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