Change your Computer Cursor

Do you feel bored with your cursor display? Now, I’ll show you how to modify it and become more fun. Change your cursor display, follow these recommendations… :)

change cursor

There are some cursor display type which are interesting and fun. Here, I have 5 type of them. Check this out!

1. Cursor which are accompanied by images

change cursor

Images that are on your cursor will continue to follow the cursor wherever you move. You can choose the picture according to your taste.

2. Cursor + circle

For those of you who have difficulty with the cursor focus, this view may be helpful. Cursor will be added circle around it so you can focus on wherever the cursor moves.

3. Zoom Cursor

Without changing the size of the paper, you can make it more clear with the help of this cursor. How did you stay to direct the cursor to the text you wish to enlarge.

4. Chunky Cursor

change cursor

This cursor has a great shape and various colors. In contrast to the type of cursor on top of the straight in use after the install, the cursor needs to be setup in advance how, after the extract, select Control Panel--
> Mouse--> Mouse Pointer--> Browse. Select your desired cursor appearance.

5. Cursor with various forms

change cursor

To use it you can do the same way as above.

Well, now let's modify our cursor and make your computer become more interesting...!!! :)

AND....NOW, I KNOW...!!!

(c) Written by: Nanda Firsta

Source: Own Experience and Supported from ziddu.com

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