Change your Folder Icon on Windows XP

The appearance of Windows XP is really different with Windows Vista or Windows 7. Especially the folder icon. But, don’t worry guys, you can modify it and make your XP become more interesting by changing the folder icon. Check this out!
change folder icon

Firstly, try to compare the following picture/ preview, before and after you modify the folder icon.


change folder icon

It’s interesting, isn’t it…??? Ok, here are the steps:

First, right click on the folder icon that we want to change. Choose “costumize this folder”

Then, click “change icon”

Choose the available icon. Or if you want to use other icon that you have, just browse it on your computer by clicking Browse.

After that, click Apply. Finished. :)

Still don’t feel satisfied, guys? Hehee… Here I have the bonus for you…!!!
If you want the icons in romantic theme, you can download here.

Enjoy it...

AND...NOW, I KNOW...!!!

(c) Written by: Nanda Firsta
Source: Own Experience

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