Your E-mail Inbox is Full with Facebook Notifications...??? Don't Worry!

Maybe, even we open our e-mail or inbox, we will find many messages about Facebook Notification, right? Usually, about 50-500 messages will enter to your e-mail inbox, so many people feel disturbed with this problem. But, stay cool guys… Here, I will inform you How to prevent the Facebook Notifications fill out our inbox.

E-mail Inbox is Full with Facebook Notifications

Here are the steps...

1. Login to your Facebook Account

2. Click on the right-top on “Account” button.

3. Choose Account Settings

4. There, you will see : Setting, Network, Notificatons, etc. Here, choose “Notification”

5. Give the mark on check box that. You need to choose whose notifications which will come to your e-mail inbox.

6. Finally, save the change.

It’s easy, right…??? :)

Try It Now and Take It Easy...

AND... NOW, I KNOW...!!!

(c) Written by: Nanda Firsta

Source: Own Experience

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